YAKABOO Online bookstore

Yakaboo is the largest online bookstore in Ukraine. Our online organisation is a large-scale book ecosystem that works with most of the publishing houses in Ukraine. We love and respect books, and we value our readers by providing them with the best new releases. We want every book to find its owner. We deliver not only across Kyiv but also to other regions of Ukraine.

The range of products we offer

Our chosen specialisation in books has proved to be very successful, allowing Yakaboo to expand and improve, focusing on particular area - printed, electronic and audio books. The range of book products is growing and now includes more than 300,000 titles. Readers can order the latest literature on our website not only in their native Ukrainian language, but also in more than 71 different languages.

We offer our customers:

  • colourful, richly illustrated sets of books that can be a great gift on any occasion;
  • fiction (both adult and children's);
  • magazines for kids with toys enclosed;
  • gift special editions;
  • books for self-realisation and personal development;
  • lovers of philosophy and poetry can also order relevant products from us;
  • we distinguish products for parents in a separate category, which contains the best publications from leading child psychologists, teachers, educators and paediatricians;
  • an excellent range of educational literature has been arranged for our students, with audiobooks being particularly popular;
  • biographies of famous people, historical memoirs, books on the history of languages and cultures will appeal to those who like to study the past;
  • we also offer to order publications that help people to pursue a healthy lifestyle, plan their lives properly, including sports and fitness;
  • for men and women who value taste and elegance in life, we offer books on cooking, beauty, fashion, make-up techniques and hairdressing.

Along with offered publications, you can go on world travels, understand the fundamentals of the universe, plunge into the mysteries of space, and even find yourself in the realm of the occult and esoteric. We have everything from technological reference books to comic books and colourful magazines. We have a huge base of active readers, consisting of more than 3 million customers, which is constantly being joined by new customers.

We are successfully developing our own publishing house, Yakaboo Publishing, which works in the priority area of non-fiction. This is a special genre of contemporary documentary based on real-life events, but with rare inclusions of fiction. Country descriptions, biographies of famous and extraordinary people, historical events and investigations of the world's most notorious crimes - these works are intended for a wide readership.

Other products of the store: board games, toys

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a bookstore, including one selling online, that would be engaged in the sale of printed publications alone. The world is improving, people's needs are growing. And we always keep up with the times, offering our visitors other products at an affordable price that may be of interest to a modern person.

In addition to books, you can buy from us with delivery

  • board games for adults and children that will help brighten up a family evening or a party with friends;
  • various goods that you can't do without when travelling or going to the sea;
  • important book accessories that make reading easier: special flashlights, original bookmarks, book holders;
  • toys designed for children of all ages, which, on top of a book, can be a great gift for a birthday or New Year;
  • necessary stationery, including notebooks, diaries, binders, folders, liners, organisers, travel books, special wedding or guest books.

And if you have a celebration coming up, we have a dedicated gift section where you can choose any gift of any price. Even a cheap gift purchased from us is guaranteed to be of high quality and safe. We respect our customers and offer them only the best. Including e-books and audiobooks, which are popular alongside classic printed editions.

Benefits of buying in our store

We know all our books, and we know them not merely by their beautiful covers. If you are having difficulty choosing a new product and cannot make up your mind in the huge assortment, our consultants will come to the rescue. All Yakaboo employees share a love of the written word and are happy to recommend the exact book you are looking for. Our call centre is available online 7 days a week from 8:00 to 21:00. We are ready to advise you on all issues, including the cost of publications.

We are trusted, and the respect of our customers is confirmed by awards. For example, our company won the Best Online Bookstore nomination in the E-awards 2018 competition for the most successful online projects. And thanks to a well-developed logistics system, we deliver products quickly and affordably both in Kyiv and in any, even the most remote region of Ukraine. Pickup is available for residents of the capital.

Come and visit us! We have what to give, what to create with, what to read and where to choose at the best price!