1. Купити - Книжки - Mr. Tall: A Novella and Stories
    Тоні Ерлі
    Little Brown Book Group, Англійська, 2015, М'яка
    In Mr.Tall, his first story collection in two decades, Tony Earley brings us seven rueful, bittersweet, riotous studies of characters both ordinary and mythical, seeking to make sense of the world transforming around them. He demonstrates once again the prodigious storytelling gifts that have made him one of the most accomplished writers of his generation. In the title story, a lonely young bride terrifyingly shares a remote mountain valley with a larger-than-life neighbor, while the grieving widow of "The Cryptozoologist" is sure she's been... Далі
    472 грн
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  2. Купити - Книжки - The Threat Matrix
    Гаррет М. Графф
    Little Brown Book Group, Англійська, 2012, М'яка
    THE THREAT MATRIX is the story of a small group of FBI agents who believed that they could confront a new generation of international terrorists like al Qaeda without sacrificing America's moral high ground. At the heart of this classic good versus evil battle are decades of tensions between the FBI and the CIA, which repeatedly fell short as America's eyes overseas. Given unprecedented access, thousands of pages of once secret documents, and hundreds of interviews, Garrett M. Graff takes us inside the FBI and its attempt to protect America.... Далі
    508 грн
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  3. Купити - Книжки - When Everything Changed : The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present
    Гейл Коллінз
    Little Brown Book Group, Англійська, 2010, М'яка
    WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED begins in 1960 when American women actually had to get their husband's permission to apply for a credit card. In the years since, American women have witnessed exciting changes, expectations about what their lives could be smashed in just a generation. The story ends in the 21st century, with a woman winning a Presidential primary. This book tells us how women got from there to here, in politics, fashion, economics, sex, families and work. A comprehensive mix of oral history and Gail Collins's keen research, WHEN... Далі
    435 грн
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  4. Купити - Книжки - The Tenth Muse
    Катерина Чунг
    Little Brown Book Group, Англійська, 2020, Тверда
    'A young woman's battle for acceptance in a male-dominated world; her misadventures in love; and her torturous journey to track down her real parents in Germany' Mail on Sunday Best New Fiction From childhood, Katherine knows she is different, and that her parents are not who they seem to be. But as she grows up and becomes a mathematician, she faces the most human of problems - who is she? What is the cost of love, and what is the cost of ambition? On her quest to conquer the Riemann hypothesis, the greatest unsolved mathematical problem of... Далі
    343 грн
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  5. Купити - Книжки - Reading Champion: The Big Box: Independent Reading Pink 1B
    Сью Грейвс,
    Hachette / FLE / UK, Іспанська, 2018, М'яка
    Reading Champion offers independent reading books for children to practise and reinforce their developing reading skills. Fantastic, original stories are accompanied by engaging artwork and a reading activity. Each book has been carefully graded so that it can be matched to a child's reading ability, encouraging reading for pleasure. Independent Reading Pink 1B stories are perfect for children aged 4+ who are reading at book band 1B (Pink) in classroom reading lessons. In this story, a big box becomes lots of different things to play with!... Далі
    726 грн
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  6. Купити - Книжки - River Cottage Year Collection Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 3 Books Bundles River Cottage Fruit Every Day!River Cottage Family Cookbook
    Фірнлі Віттінгст
    Hodder, Англійська, 2014, М'яка
    Titles In This Set River Cottage Fruit Every Day! River Cottage Year HB River Cottage Family Cookbook Description River Cottage Fruit Every Day! Fruit is pretty much the perfect food: bountiful, delicious and colourful, it also helps us to fight infection, stresses and strains. But why are we still a nation that thinks it's a bit racy to slice a banana onto our cornflakes in the morning? A 'piece of fruit' in a lunch box, on the breakfast table or at the end of a meal is all very well, but fruit is so much more exciting than this, and we don't... Далі
    191 грн
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  7. Купити - Книжки - The Generals : From Defeat to Victory, Leadership in Asia 1941-1945
    Роберт Лайман
    Little Brown Book Group, Англійська, 2020, М'яка
    In December 1941, as the Japanese army led by Yamashita scythed through Malaya to capture Singapore, Britain's defence of its Asian colonies collapsed. Poor preparation and inadequate leadership saw the British exposed to a new type of warfare in the Far East, a Japanese blitzkrieg that proved every bit as effective as Hitler's in France the previous year. When the Japanese advanced into Burma and approached the gates of India and China, Churchill and his generals had little idea how to counter the seemingly unstoppable offensive. Defeat... Далі
    381 грн
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  8. Купити - Книжки - Billy And The Seagulls
    Пол Мей
    Random House, Англійська, 2013, М'яка
    Paul May is a teacher and keen footballer with two children. His first book for the Transworld lists, TROUBLEMAKERS, was shortlisted for the inaugural Branford Boase AwardAuthor lives: SuffolkEddie's little brother Billy is terrified of everything! Snakes, the dark, toilets, orange peel, moustaches and even soggy toast. When they move to the seaside, Billy find a new thing to be scared of - seagulls! They swoop down in the playground and pick at leftover crisp packets - and Billy thinks they are the scariest thing he has ever seen. Can Eddie... Далі
    205 грн
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  9. Купити - Книжки - Startup
    Дорі Шафрір
    Little Brown Book Group, Англійська, 2018, М'яка
    From the veteran online journalist Doree Shafrir, a sharp, hugely entertaining story of youth, ambition, love, money and technology's inability to hack human nature. Mack McAllister has a $600 million dollar idea. His mindfulness app, TakeOff, is already the hottest thing in tech and he's about to launch a new and improved version that promises to bring investors running. Katya Pasternack, an ambitious young journalist at a gossipy tech blog, is hungry for a scoop that will drive traffic. Sabrina Choe Blum, an exhausted mother of two and... Далі
    472 грн
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  10. Купити - Книжки - The Windspinner
    Берлі Доерті
    Random House, Англійська, 2013, М'яка
    Berlie Doherty began writing for children in 1983, after teaching and working on schools radio. She has written more that 35 books for children, as well as for theatre, radio and television. She won the Carnegie Medal twice: in 1987 for Granny Was A Buffer Girl and in 1992 for Dear Nobody. She has also won the Writer's Guild Children's Fiction Award for Daughter of the Sea. Her work is published all over the world, and many of her books have been televised.First the fairies took Tam's little sister, Blue. Then they took his Great-Grandpa Toby.... Далі
    240 грн
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